Ticketmaster is waging a national attack on the rights of fans to own, really “own”, tickets that we purchase to gain access to sporting events or concerts. The battle is underway in Tennessee. And Texas. And at least half a dozen other states RIGHT NOW. (More details available at

Florida is also a battleground state in this conflict over free markets and property rights. Two pieces of legislation under consideration in Florida could either alter or protect the way the secondary ticketing market functions…one will ELIMINATE the rights of fans in the property (tickets) we buy, the other will PROTECT our right to our property. This SHOULD be an easy choice for conservatives, right?

Florida House Bill 1353 and Senate Bill 1652, which are being proposed and promoted in similar versions across the country by Ticketmaster, control what consumers do with tickets they purchase and own by letting venues (and corporations like Ticketmaster) dictate whether and how tickets can be resold – or even given away! 

A recent Zogby poll shows Floridians heavily opposed to any legislation that restricts our property rights in the tickets WE purchase with OUR money. How heavily opposed? How about 76%!! (In Tennessee the number is over 84%!!) Yet some Republicans in the legislature (being urged forward by Ticketmaster’s lobbyists) persist in wanting to legislate winners (Ticketmaster) and losers (Fans)! The Ticketmaster scheme gives them a huge GOVERNMENT MANDATED advantage over competitors in the ticket resale market. This is government favoring one business over another, picking winners and losers. Conservatives oppose these kinds of things when Obama does them, so why are some Florida Republicans seeking to do the same exact thing???

The Ticketmaster bill redefines property ownership. If I buy a product, I own it. It is mine to use, destroy, give away or resell at whatever price I can negotiate. If it is not, then I do not own it. The attempt by Ticketmaster, and the complicity by some in the legislature, to structure the law where they can sell me tickets yet control what I do with them afterward is a shocking attack on basic property rights. And they are seeking to do the same thing all over the country!

If I buy a book at Barnes & Noble today and really enjoy it and want to pass it on to my neighbor, co-worker or family member, Barnes & Noble can’t stop be from giving away MY property. If I want to sell it in a used book store I can do that! Why shouldn’t I have the same rights in a ticket that I purchase?? I can’t make copies of the book and sell those; nor should I be able to make counterfeit tickets and sell those, either. We already have laws that make those activities illegal. Hiding behind a “call to action” to deal with counterfeits is a bogus powergrab by Ticketmaster, and nobody should be fooled by it…least of all conservatives!!

It is time to put FANS FIRST, starting in Florida! Go to to find out more about this issue that is popping up from Tennessee to Texas to Florida and beyond.

By the way, the HOTTEST ticket in sports? Not the SuperBowl. It’s the Masters Tournament, and how many of those tickets are held back to sponsors versus sold to fans???



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